Integrated Logistics System Implementation Assessment

In 2002, the Tanzania MOHSW began the process of integrating the logistics systems of a number of vertical programs in order to improve efficiency and performance of the supply chain. This system, called the Integrated Logistics System (ILS), combines the logistics system for essential medicines, family planning, sexually transmitted infections, malaria, and the laboratory and diagnosis program. In 2010, in partnership with the USAID|DELIVER Project, VillageReach conducted an assessment of the performance of the ILS at the service delivery point. Using secondary data available through Report & Requisition forms, the team sampled 25 percent of the health facilities in each district to identify overall ILS performance as well as high and low performing districts for follow up by the Pharmaceutical Services Unit at the MOHSW. The MOHSW plans to use the methodology developed to conduct periodic assessments of ILS performance.