Our Model

waiting-outsideVillageReach provides critical last-mile support for health intervention programs through a complementary set of skills and approaches. We seek to achieve significant improvements in health system performance by addressing low-resource communities and lower layers of the health system. Our intention is to minimize the degree of our own intervention for greatest cost efficiency and to leave a legacy of stronger health systems. There are four key elements to our support.

Capacity and Efficiency Gains for Distribution –

VillageReach provides standardized tools and practices to facilitate improvements in the distribution of medical commodities and other supplies to the last-mile level. VillageReach takes into consideration the available human and financial resources and infrastructure conditions to design more efficient and effective distribution practices.

Health Worker Training and Development –

Applying technology solutions to improve health system performance can greatly improve the capacity and efficiency. However, technical assistance and systematizing supportive supervision for health personnel is also critical to improving health sector performance. VillageReach analyzes requirements, defines the approach, and builds systemic approaches to incorporating ICT into supportive supervision and health worker operations. These elements improve health worker capacity and efficiency, expose the facility management, stock management, data records, service provision, and adherence to national policies.

Information and Communications Technology Solutions –

The design and deployment of high-capacity, low-cost distributions systems are dependent on the development and application of appropriate information and communications technologies (ICT) to ensure effective communications in the field and accurate capture and reporting of information. VillageReach defines requirements for and conducts evaluations of ICT systems, and develops personnel voice & data communications solutions and health information systems that help increase health worker capacity.

Enhancing Community Infrastructure via Social Enterprise –

The VillageReach approach efficiently scales critical and sustainable infrastructure services, focusing on three key infrastructure sectors: transport and logistics, communications and information technology, and energy supply. VillageReach evaluates these gaps to assess opportunities for social businesses that develop a broad customer base beyond the health system.

VillageReach also provides low-cost access to capital, patient investment horizons and an ability to assume risk. With the health system serving as an anchor customer, social businesses can expand their base of customers. The goal is to leave behind a legacy of successfully developed, profitable businesses that are market competitive and socially beneficial.