Health Systems

HSG assesses current gaps in health systems and identifies ideal distribution practices and management roles/responsibilities to improve health worker and system capacity. Capabilities include: supply chain capacity/efficiency assessment and design; system cost evaluation; and personnel training and development.

VillageReach has developed standard tools and practices to ensure effective distribution of medical commodities and supplies to the last-mile level. VillageReach takes into consideration the available human and financial resources and infrastructure conditions to design more efficient and effective distribution practices. Assessments of ideal distribution systems design, aggregation points for storing medical commodities, plus identifying ideal management roles/responsibilities to ensure optimal execution of the distribution practices are examples of the considerations given to designing last mile logistics systems.

The provision of reliable supply chains and effective information systems are important to addressing gaps at the last mile. However systematizing technical assistance and supportive supervision for health personnel are critical to improving health sector performance at the service delivery level. VillageReach provides technical assistance and supportive supervision, and builds systems to incorporate regular supportive supervision for all aspects of the logistics and supply chain system as well as health center operations. These elements help to improve overall health facility management, stock management, data records, service provision, and adherence to national policies. The VillageReach model of supportive supervision focuses on building lasting systems to empower health workers in the facilities, so all observations and findings from supervisory visits are discussed with the staff in order to develop a shared improvement plan to guide future supportive supervision visits.

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