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The following is a selection of documents and reports produced by VillageReach as well as links to documents highlighting VillageReach’s model, programs, and achievements.

In addition to the information made available on this page, VillageReach has developed a number of tools to provide assessment of and solutions for last mile medical distribution and infrastructure challenges. For information regarding the availability of these tools or to request additional information regarding the materials included below, please contact

Mission, Goals & Strategies

For information concerning VillageReach’s approach to effecting change and improving healthcare for the underserved, please visit here.

At A Glance

Studies, Evaluations & Assessments

UntitledRapid diagnostic test supply chain and consumption study in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique:
estimating stock shortages and identifying drivers of stock-outs. Read the Study.

Evaluation of Health System Transport Capacity and Demand- Mozambique Case Study- June 2014Evaluation of Health System Transport Capacity and Demand- Mozambique Case Study-  Full Report June 2014

TSS Report Executive Summary FINAL

District Capacity StudyDistrict Logistics Capacity Study 2013 FINAL Examining the Capacity of 53 Districts in Mozambique to Carry Out
Health Logistics and Supply Chain Activities

CCPF Executive SummaryExecutive Summary of Evaluation of the Information and Communications Technology for Maternal Newborn and Child Health Project (Chipatala cha pa Foni)This executive summary presents the results of a mixed-methods evaluation on the effectiveness of a two-year mHealth pilot implemented by VillageReach as part of Concern Worldwide’s Innovations in Maternal, Newborn and Child Health. The summary is based on the full evaluation report created by Invest in Knowledge (IKI).

SMS GHSPVillageReach Assessment SMS vs Voice_Jan. 2014  SMS versus voice messaging to deliver MNCH communication in rural Malawi: assessment of delivery success and user experience. Read the full article published in Global Health: Science and Progress.


Chass ImageLogistics Systems and Management Assessment in Sofala, Manica, and Tete Provinces: Results of an Independent Consultancy for CHASS-SMT


Impact EvaluationImpact Evaluation – Summary A summary of the comprehensive evaluation analyzing the impact of VillageReach’s pilot project in Cabo Delgado. The evaluation found that VillageReach’s project increased immunization rates from 68.4% to 95.4%, reduced vaccine stockouts, and improved training and supervision for health center staff. Full Report Available; Statistical Analysis Available

Cost StudyCost Study – Summary: A summary of the cost study comparing the cost-effectiveness of VillageReach’s dedicated vaccine logistics system versus a diffuse vaccine logistics system. The study found that implementation of VillageReach’s dedicated logistics system generated both an absolute cost savings as well as increased cost efficiency. Full Report Available


Pharmacy & Supply Chain Strengthening Program-Our program updates for the three-year Pharmacy & Supply Chain Strengthening Program to improve access to essential medicines.

Kwitanda - Our comprehensive reports detailing the results of annual evaluations of the VillageReach community-based health program in Kwitanda, Malawi.

White Papers & Reports

vaccine supply chain system designVillageReach System Design: Repair or Replace? Part Three of the Reaching the Final 20 Policy Paper Series.  A new policy paper on the vaccine supply chain. This paper considers the broader concept of system design and how all components of a supply chain can fit together to be most efficient. This is the third paper in our Final 20 series that looks at the different components of the supply chain, addresses the challenges faced at the last mile for distribution and presents examples of innovative approaches to address those challenges.

series overview imagePromising Practices in Supply Chain Management: Series Overview provides a series of briefs intended for ministries of health, their partners and anyone who is interested in public health supply chains with guidance on how to address barriers countries face in quantification, procurement, warehousing, distribution, service delivery & utilization, data management, and human resources. VillageReach contributed significantly to the research and writing of this document through our participation on the United Nations Commission on Life-Saving Commodities for Women’s and Children’s Health. View all of the briefs in the Promising Practices in Supply Chain Management Series- PDF (149 pages)

other duties image

VillageReach_Other Duties as Required Part Two of Reaching the Final 20 Policy Paper Series. This second paper in the series focuses on the role of human resources and the specific challenges facing individuals within the health system to adequately address the needs of vaccine supply chains, particularly in low resource communities. The Final 20 series looks at the different components of the supply chain, addresses the challenges faced at the last mile for distribution and presents examples of innovative approaches to address those challenges.


coldchainVillage Reach_Keeping the Cold Chain Cold.8.28.2014  Part One of Reaching the Final 20 Policy Paper Series. This first paper in the series  documents the challenges of the cold chain at the last mile of delivery and providing examples of new innovations and approaches to improve cold chain monitoring and maintenance.  The Final 20 series looks at the different components of the supply chain, addresses the challenges faced at the last mile for distribution and presents examples of innovative approaches to address those challenges.


UNThrough work with the United Nations Commission on Life-Saving Commodities, VillageReach has taken the lead on developing this Private Sector Engagement Guidance Document. Through a collaborative process, it has been developed to provide guidance to stakeholders on identifying opportunities where public and private sector parties can work together to increase access to high quality life-saving commodities and the process for engagement to ensure a productive and smooth process for all parties involved. Download the Guide Here.

Integrating ODK Scan into the Supply Chain in MozambiqueIntegrating ODK Scan into the Supply Chain in Mozambique.This paper describes our experiences integrating ODK Scan into the community health worker (CHW) supply chain in Mozambique. ODK Scan is a mobile application that uses computer vision techniques to digitize data from paper forms.


Starting at the Last Mile WhitepaperStarting at the Last Mile. This paper describes the challenges of effecting improvements in healthcare distribution systems and VillageReach’s approach, streamlining logistics, applying digital information systems, and leveraging the private sector to improve community infrastructure capacity.


OpenLMIS WhitepaperFramework for OpenLMIS provides an updated view of the OpenLMIS vision, its community benefits and organization.



Mozambique:  Strengthening the Community Health Worker Supply Chain

Mozambique: Strengthening the Community Health Worker Supply Chain.  A report of supply chain strengthening interventions focused on community health workers in Mozambique, covering antimalarial drugs, rapid diagnostic tests, male condoms, and essential medicines for a variety of treatments.


Computerizing Logistics Management Information Systems - A Program Manager's GuideComputerizing Logistics Management Information Systems – A Program Manager’s Guide.  A technical guide of best practices for the development of digital LMIS platforms.


ICTs for Supply Chain Management in Low-Resource SettingsICTs for Supply Chain Management in Low-Resource Settings.  A VillageReach co-authored report discusses a variety of open-source ICTs for supply chains in low-resource settings from light mobile applications to simple information systems.


CUSAID Report - Using Last Mile Distribution to Increase Access to Health CommoditiesUSAID Report – Using Last Mile Distribution to Increase Access to Health Commodities.  A VillageReach co-authored report on last mile distribution models to improve healthcare access.


mScanpaperimageDigitizing Paper Forms with Mobile Imaging Technologies presents a summary of research conducted by VillageReach in collaboration with the University of Washington’s Computer Science and Engineering Department.


Transport Sector ReportSocial Business Development Opportunities: Transport Sector: This report highlights the effects of an unreliable transport sector on the health system in rural communities and analyzes social business opportunities as a way to strengthen this sector.


Energy Sector ReportSocial Business Development Opportunities: Energy Sector: This report assesses the impact of a weak energy sector on the health system in rural communities and analyzes social business opportunities as a way to strengthen this sector.


HealthTech ReportInformation Systems for Last-Mile Heath System Strengthening: This report was prepared in conjunction with PATH for USAID to explain the role of information technology in global health using the VillageReach management information system (vrMIS) as a case study.


From Our Colleagues

cold chain, supply chain, MozambiqueCold_Chain_IQ_Benchmarking_Report This report highlights 7 best-in-class case studies for the temperature controlled logistics & quality community demonstrating return on investment and improvements in efficiency and quality management, from ensuring that controlled room temperature (CRT) products are protected to improving supply chain traceability. VillageReach and the DLS Approach in Mozambique is featured on page 18.


gavi2GAVI Supply Chain Strategy Fact Sheet  Alliance partners launch their Supply Chain strategy, with four new initiatives to help countries put the fundamentals in place for improved immunisation
supply chains.


PATH_Field testing the Smart Electrochlorinator

A summary of the field testing for the Smart Electrochlorinator 10,000- Improving access to chlorine solution for infection prevention in health centers. Published by PATH.



mHealth Field Guide for Newborn Health: Read the case study on page 13 featuring VillageReach CCPF  “Health Center by Phone” program in Malawi. Produced by CORE Group, Dimagi & USAID.


Barr  Barr Foundation_From Local to Global Guided by a vision for a vibrant, just, and sustainable world with hopeful futures for children, Barr Foundation engaged with over 20 organizations striving to improve the lives of children and families living in poverty in East Africa,India, and Haiti. Read an exerpt from the report here featuring a progress report on VillageReach Pharmacy Assitants Program, generously funded by Barr Foundation.

Addressing Gender and Women’s Empowerment In mHealth for MNCH: an analytical framework for addressing gender and women’s empowerment within mHealth and MNCH programs.



Sustainable Financing for Mobile Health (mHealth): an analysis of five financial models that exist today in priority mHealth areas.


Case Study - Zambia


From Evidence to Policy – Case Study Zambia:: A brief summary of the results from a World Bank supported program to study the challenge of ensuring adequate stocks of essential drugs in rural health clinics.


Hystra ReportAccess to Energy for the Base of the Pyramid: VidaGas highlighted in an independent report analyzing projects serving the poorest, and that are economically viable and scalable.


Rockefeller ReportInnovative Pro-Poor Healthcare Financing and Delivery Models: A report financed by the Rockefeller Foundation identifying successful models of healthcare financing and delivery globally. VillageReach is recognized as an innovative model in supply chain management.


VidaGas Case Study


VidaGas: A Case Study: Harvard Business School case study on the evolution and maturation of VidaGas.


leapfroggin screen shot from world ecnomic forum article

Health System Leap Frogging in Emerging Economies: A Project Paper from the World Economic Forum on emerging economies setting their health systems on a pathway to sustainability.


Other Publications

OpenLMIS OpenLMIS Feature Guide- An overview of OpenLMIS, open source software for managing health supply chains, developed by VillageReach and its OpenLMIS partners.


ultimos  Últimos 20 – May 2014  - Newsletter covering our Final 20 work in Mozambique.(Portuguese only) O desafio de fazer chegar   vacinas até aos últimos 20.


Ultimos image 1Ultimos 20 January 2014The first VillageReach/Mozambique newsletter provides an overview of VillageReach, our Final 20 project, and highlights some of our great colleagues that ensure vaccines get delivered to the last mile. (in Portugese only)  O primeiro boletim de VillageReach/Moçambique já está disponível. Ele fornece uma visão geral de VillageReach, o nosso projecto Final 20, e destaca alguns dos nossos grandes colegas que garantam vacinas são entregues nos locais mais recônditos do pais.

HERMES Workshop Report Mozambique DRAFT- Oct 2014