We strive to create an environment of collaboration, learning and growth.  At VillageReach, you have the opportunity to support, lead and manage global health innovation from the ground up. Across our HSG, ISG, Social Business, Operations and Marketing Teams, our employees represent highly diversified expertise spanning public health, law, business development/marketing, finance, mobile communications, and software development.

If you are interested in applying for any of the positions listed, please send resumes and cover letters to info@villagereach.org
Candidates with relevant backgrounds will be contacted directly.

Current Opportunities:

The Finance & Administration Director is based in the Seattle, WA headquarters of VillageReach and reports to the President.  The Finance & Administration Director is responsible for all financial, operational, and administrative activities of VillageReach worldwide.  The successful candidate will be a person motivated by mission, a highly dynamic and innovative environment, and the understanding that his/her contribution is critical to the success of VillageReach. See Full Job Description Here

The Finance and Administration Associate is a full-time position based in the Seattle, WA headquarters of VillageReach. The position reports to the Finance and Operations Director, but works closely with VillageReach Program Directors and Managers. The Finance and Administration Associate, working in collaboration with the Operations and Marketing Group, is responsible for supporting the management of VillageReach grants and contracts, human resources, as well as the provision of ongoing finance support to VillageReach programs and program managers. See Full Job Description Here