kids-PembaYour tax-deductible contribution will directly support the expansion and improvement of essential services in last mile communities. Donations will be used where needed most to help increase community access to health care and other essential services in developing countries.


VillageReach was evaluated as the top-rated charity by GiveWell, an independent charity evaluator, and was given a top rating of “excellent” for cost-effectiveness.  Because of its focus on primary healthcare systems and preventative medicine, VillageReach programs are highly cost effective, preventing common diseases before they require expensive interventions and treatment.

VillageReach’s dedicated medical logistics system is significantly more cost-effective than the ad hoc delivery system that is often the default in low-resource countries.  For more information, please see our July 2009 cost study evaluating the cost-effectiveness of the VillageReach system here.

Sustainable, systemic impact

By working at the systemic level, VillageReach makes improvements in the health system that are sustainable investments in ensuring health care for last mile communities.  Rather than supporting a one-time vaccine campaign, construction of a facility or visits from a doctor- the VillageReach model makes improvements that will achieve impactful results for years to come by integrating the model into the normal operations of the public health system.  VillageReach believes true sustainability must come from partnering closely with the government and building capacity within the local system to operate and manage an efficient and reliable logistics platform.  A contribution to VillageReach is an investment in improving a fundamental system essential to healthcare access.

Monitoring & Evaluation

VillageReach uses rigorous data collection and metrics to track its progress and impact.  The VillageReach Management Information System (vrMIS) allows for real-time, ongoing monitoring of VillageReach programs with transparency available all the way down to the individual clinics.

In addition to ongoing monitoring, VillageReach publishes comprehensive evaluations of its programs to measure their impact and compile lessons learned for refinement.  For more information, please see our 2008 impact evaluation of our pilot program in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique here.

Transparency and Financial Stewardship

In the 2009 GiveWell report on international charities, VillageReach rated “excellent” in transparency.  VillageReach is proud to uphold high standards of financial stewardship.  We respect that our donors have many choices when choosing to give and we value every donation we receive.  VillageReach also pledges not to sell, trade or share any personal or contact information shared with us.

VillageReach’s 2013 audited financial statement can be viewed here. And our IRS form 990 informational return for 2012 is available here.

VillageReach is also eligible for corporate matching gifts. If you work for a company with such a program, please let us know before making a donation so that we can maximize the impact of your gift.


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