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  • PRESS RELEASE: VillageReach Receives New Grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to Improve Health System Data Visibility at the “Last Mile”  Read the release
  • NEW BLOG: The Building Blocks of Vaccines: A LEGO Experiment What happens when the Ministry of Health, UNICEF, WHO, and VillageReach meet up with the Pittsburg Supercomputing Center to talk about HERMES modeling tools? (HINT: Legos are involved).
  • VillageReach System Design: Repair or Replace? Part Three of the Reaching the Final 20 Policy Paper Series. A new policy paper on the vaccine supply chain. This paper considers the broader concept of system design and how all components of a supply chain can fit together to be most efficient. This is the third paper in our Final 20 series that looks at the different components of the supply chain, addresses the challenges faced at the last mile for distribution and presents examples of innovative approaches to address those challenges.
  • Recently Published in Malaria Journal:  Rapid diagnostic test supply chain and consumption study in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique:estimating stock shortages and identifying drivers of stock-outs.  Read the study.

Melinda Gates names VillageReach’s Margarida Matsinhe as top global vaccine innovator. 

VillageReach President Allen Wilcox Named Schwab Foundation Entrepreneur of the Year