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VillageReach develops, tests and implements innovations that uniquely address barriers at the lower levels or “last mile” of healthcare delivery in low-resource communities including medicine availability, human resource constraints, data visibility and lack of infrastructure. Through collaboration with public and private sector partners, VillageReach seeks to increase access to quality healthcare for the world’s most underserved communities, bringing life-saving innovations to scale and sustainability.

News and Links

NEW BLOG ! How HERMES modeling tools allow decision-makers to see the impact of vaccine supply chain system changes- before they “buy.”

Reaching the Final 20 Policy Paper Series: Other Duties as Required. This second paper in the series focuses on the role of human resources and the specific challenges facing individuals within the health system to adequately address the needs of vaccine supply chains, particularly in low resource communities..

Melinda Gates names VillageReach’s Margarida Matsinhe as top global vaccine innovator. 

VillageReach President Allen Wilcox Named Schwab Foundation Entrepreneur of the Year

Últimos 20 – May 2014  - Newsletter covering our Final 20 work in Mozambique (Portuguese only)-  O desafio de fazer chegar   vacinas até aos últimos 20.